Geographical photographs — page 3

These photographs are © Stephen Roulston, except where otherwise stated. However they are copyright free for educational use, with acknowledgment. Click on a thumbnail to get a full sized picture. You can Control-Click (Mac) or right-click (PC) to save a picture.

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Thanks to Andrew Niven of Elgin for supplying photographs of South Africa and Singapore.

Capesandbays_jpg Port_bay_jpg Port_street_jpg Portugal_St_jpg Portuguese_Beach_jpg
Capesandbays Port_bay Port_street Portugal_St Portuguese_Beach
RhineVineyard_jpg RoyalAvenueBelfast_jpg Santorini_jpg SeacatturningBelfast_jpg Seville_jpg
RhineVineyard RoyalAvenueBelfast Santorini SeacatturningBelfast Seville
Sewageworks_jpg ShingleStormBeach1_jpg Singapore_jpg SlieveLeague_jpg SnowBallymena_jpg_jpg
Sewageworks ShingleStormBeach Singapore SlieveLeague SnowBallymena
SouthIndia_jpg_jpg SouthIndianSt_jpg SriLanka1_jpg SriLankaScaffold_jpg SriLanka_jpg
SouthIndia SouthIndianSt SriLanka1 SriLankaScaffold SriLanka
SriLankanMoor_jpg SriLankanRoad_jpg StMarksSq_jpg StackArch_jpg SwashDonegal_jpg
SriLankanMoor SriLankanRoad StMarksSq StackArch SwashDonegal
Table_Mt_jpg TaxiandbusBrighton_jpg Terraces_jpg Trawleratsea_jpg Tube_jpg
Table_Mt TaxiandbusBrighton Terraces Trawleratsea Tube
Waterhole_jpg Waterpollution_jpg Wheatfield_jpg Windfarm_jpg sea_flow_jpg
Waterhole Waterpollution Wheatfield Windfarm sea_flow