Geographical photographs — page 4

These photographs are © Stephen Roulston, except where otherwise stated. However they are copyright free for educational use, with acknowledgment. Click on a thumbnail to get a full sized picture. You can Control-Click (Mac) or right-click (PC) to save a picture.

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AguilleduMidi AlpineRoad Alps Buslane Cardiff_Market
Aguille du Midi Alpine Road Alps Buslane Cardiff_Market
Clachan1 Clachan1_jpg Cottage DoaghIsle FairHead_and_dyke
Clachan 1 Clachan 2 Cottage Isle of Doagh Fair Head_and_dyke
Fundy1 Fundy2 Glacier LaDefenseParis Ladysmith_quarry
Fundy 1 Fundy 2 Glacier La Defense Paris Ladysmith_quarry
Litchen LondonConstruction MilleniumStadium Modernised2 Moville2
Litchen London Construction Millenium Stadium Modernised Moville
MuckishScree RecycleBins RoofTiled Roof_Thatch Rubbish
Muckish Scree Recycle Bins Roof Tiled Roof_Thatched Rubbish
SalmonCageClose SalmonCages SalmonProcessing SaltMarsh4 SlieveLeague2
Salmon Cage Close Salmon Cages Salmon Processing Salt Marsh Quoile
Stroove Terrace Tinroof TriasMarl Volcano
Stroove.jpg Terrace.jpg Tinroof.jpg TriasMarl.jpg Volcano.jpg